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Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize building strong relationships with our clients and understanding their unique needs.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer competitive rates and transparent fee structures to ensure your legal costs remain manageable.

Efficiency and Responsiveness

We value your time and respond promptly to your inquiries.

Proven Track Record

Our team has a strong track record of success in helping businesses achieve their legal objectives.

About CMBS Partners

Is a dynamic and results-oriented corporate law firm established in the United Arab Emirates. We cater to a wide range of clients, from ambitious startups to established businesses, providing comprehensive legal solutions to navigate the ever-evolving UAE business landscape.

CMBS Partners is a legal consultancy firm with a key focus on Corporate, Tax and Investment structuring. Our main goal is to be the firm of first choice for medium and large businesses and institutions for their most important and challenging legal tasks and transactions.We apply time efficient and cost-effective Western approaches and create tailor-made creative solutions for businesses. Our first-hand knowledge and broad industry expertise enables us to deliver the best results to our clients. At CMBS Partners Law Firm, we will help you by providing you with the information you need to make a sound decision when choosing a legal professional to support and represent you. If you have more questions about our legal team, or what working with us is like, please feel free to call us directly today at to schedule an initial consultation providing comprehensive legal solutions to navigate the ever-evolving UAE business landscape.

Our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes with the legal expertise and guidance they need to thrive in the UAE. We believe in building strong client relationships and fostering a collaborative environment to achieve your business goals..

Our team comprises experienced and qualified corporate lawyers with a deep understanding of the UAE legal system and business environment. We are passionate about supporting your business success and are committed to exceeding your expectations.

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Nataliia Berbat - Senior Legal Associate

Attorney Nataliia has acquired vast experience in the spheres of corporate law, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions (M&As),
+971 52 668 39 37

Iaroslav V. Cheker - Managing Partner, Attorney-At-Law

Iaroslav is an author of more than sixty articles on corporate law, energy, investment, etc. He is actively involved in professional and business associations, has assisted in drafting bills and reviews on the wind energy market.
+971 52 652 32 90

Denys Siiushov - Managing Associate

Stiller is known as a tenacious fighter who protects his client’s interests as though they were his own. Aliquam lorem ante, dapibus in, viverra quis.
+971 52 264 55 16


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